Group W Toolset 5.1 Bug List

Here are the known bugs for the current release of the Group W Toolset. You can request available fixes by contacting Steve J. Martin.

Program or Module Release
Description of Bug Fix Available?
@FREEA All Processor loops endlessly when it attempts to @FREE the +1 cycle of a temporary file. This bug has been around for a long while but is rarely seen because sensible people don't assign +1 cycles of temporary files (but MSAR does). No
@MCTPL All In Exec 49R1 length of Date/Time table is increased and is too large for amount of memory allocated by @MCTPL. Yes, 1R4B
@MFDPL All C (pipe all cycles) option will miss file cycles in situations where cycles are deleted by another run. This logic requires re-design. No
@SHA1PL All Input file is not properly closed and @FREEd (can lead to PCT overflow). Yes, 1R2A
@T All • Specification of account does not allow minus sign.
• Specification of program name does not allow minus sign or dollar sign.
Yes, 2R2
@TOUCH All S (sort table-of-contents) option does not include version name. Yes, 1R1B

Revised 2019-10-15.